Accurate Dental Technology

Our Mission.

" We exist to improve quality of life and reduce barriers to healthcare through innovation. "

Accurate Dental Technology. 

AcuDent specialises in innovative dental technologies. We are committed to providing state of the art dental solutions for the dental practice, helping dentists, dental specialists and oral health specialists provide the best care for their patients.
AcuDent aims to increase efficiency to the clinician in diagnosing periodontal disease and encourage more dental practitioners to carry out comprehensive periodontal screening to enable early intervention and reduce the rates of periodontal disease progression. 
What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease affect millions of people worldwide. It is the most prevalence chronic dental disease in Australia and is the most common cause of tooth loss. 
The condition is described as a bacterial-mediated gum infection which results in damage to the gums, bone and surrounding soft tissues. Calcified bacteria (calculus) build up on the teeth over time begins to invade beneath the crevices between the gums and teeth causing irritation and inflammation to the surrounding tissues leading to breakdown and damage to the supporting structures. As the disease progresses, the gums separate from the tooth forming pockets, and if left untreated the depth of the pockets worsen and the tooth is now in danger of falling out.
In Australia alone, 30% of the adults aged 15 years and over will develop moderate or severe periodontitis, resulting in severe dental issues such as pain, bleeding, infection and potential tooth loss.
Early clinical detection and intervention has been shown to prevent disease progression and the irreversible consequences yet despite the importance of the clinicians’ role in prevention and early intervention, barriers such as time and costs to dentists, lead to compromised efforts in diagnosing periodontal disease.
Our Solution​​​​​​​
The AcuProbe is an automated periodontal probe system revolutionising clinical detection of periodontal disease. Using AI technology, our device automatically tracks pocket depth, gum recession and bleeding on probing, streamlining the existing processes for periodontal charting whilst improving accuracy through the reduction of  human error.
The AcuProbe system seamlessly integrates with current practice management software, making the transition simple, easy and affordable for dentists and dental clinics. 
Our Mission & Values 

Innovation, equal access and empathy are the core principles by which we lead. Our healthcare solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of dental clinicians to create better health for everyone.
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