Our mission is to improve quality of life and reduce barriers to healthcare through innovation, with a commitment towards improving patient health outcomes.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be able to help reduce waitlists and treatment time, creating a positive impact within and outside of the clinic to achieve better systematic oral health outcomes at a population level.
 AcuDent is committed to creating a better solution for screening for periodontal disease which not only improve clinician efficiency but also has a strong focus on the human element of the dental setting in increasing patient comfort.
Our Values
Innovation, equal access and empathy are the core principles by which we lead. Our healthcare solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of dental clinicians to create better health for everyone.
We are passionate and driven, with a strong focus on delivering on improved patient outcomes. We pride ourselves in our work and our products and live by our core values of excellence, integrity and equality. Using evidence-backed technology, we believe that together, we can create a better more equitable healthcare system for all. 
Our Team
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